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Suit up as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Deadpool and an ever growing roster of other playable iconic superheroes in Marvel Heroes Omega for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, the critically acclaimed free-to-play action-RPG from Gazillion. 

Traverse all corners of the Marvel Universe, from the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen to the godly realm of Asgard, through a story told by one of the most popular Marvel writers of all time, Brian Michael Bendis.

I got a chance to play @MarvelHeroes by @GazillionGames from @RiseUp44 & @NalyoGaming... Thanks guys you rock!
Downloading @MarvelHeroes for the #ps4 #Marvel #sweetness Will be live on as soon as its…
Favorite moment in @MarvelHeroes so far: 8 Heroes fightin' a group of baddies. Powers and explosions filled the scr…
First giveaway, is the #PS4 beta code for @MarvelHeroes Omega! Come join and enter! πŸšπŸ πŸŒ™πŸ”±πŸ™


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Gazillion, Inc.



PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One


Action RPG / MMO

Gazillion is putting Marvel's cast of super heroes in position to keep succeeding.


Marvel Heroes lends itself to that all-important flow that the very best action RPGs share.

Gazillion has been able to fully capitalize on cross-promotional synergy with other Marvel properties.


A free-to-play MMO-ARPG with a never ending supply of downloadable content.


...At this point in time Marvel Heroes 2016 is easy for me to recommend to fans of the Marvel franchise and those that are into ARPGs.


Marvel Heroes 2016 is a decidedly different, and better, experience than ever before.

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