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At Gazillion Entertainment, we develop, publish and operate diverse games on many platforms. Our goal: To build breakthrough experiences featuring world-class brands and original franchises, superior production quality and unmatched gameplay.

We're proud of our award-winning, action-RPG, Marvel Heroes Omega, and excited to announce that we're bringing the hallmarks of Gazillion games to mobile - with the release of our very first title, Dexter: Slice.

Dinner Here with old nemesis Masayuki Uemura, designer/lead engineer on NES& SNES , at StrongMuseum Rochester NY.
@AgtBobbyCruz @MarvelHeroes @GazillionGames i hit the mini jackpot 😂 got a couple of larger ones but forgot to reco…
@GazillionGames is pretty amazing hitting us up with this for a minor inconvenience absolutely love that…
Got all Heroes to level 60, Now to prestige them all @MarvelHeroes @GazillionGames
It all started with Deadpool. Now at #4 lvl 60. Thanks a lot @GazillionGames . The @MarvelHeroes addiction is real.…

Our Own Team of Superheroes

Our leadership team boasts years of experience within the video game, entertainment and technology industries with well-known and well-established game development companies such as EA, Activision, Blizzard, Cryptic, LucasArts, Sega and more.

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